June 15, 2015

About Kurt Ness


Kurt Ness, myself

My Website Design History:

I have been been interested in computers since about the year 2000, and playing around with creating websites in Microsoft Word (Yes, you can create a website in Word) since about 2006. In about 2008 I started learning website design on FrontPage 2000. Later that year, I published my first website to the internet using a site called Synthasite, now known as Yola.   In 2010 I started learning hypertext markup language, HTML- website coding language, along with cascading style sheets, CSS- website design language. In 2011, I started learning the content management system of WordPress and by 2013 I created my first WordPress network and have used WordPress as my preferred CMS since. Most recently in 2014, I have started to work with Google Sites to see what they offer for website options. I have included different website content in Google Sites as well.

On my WordPress websites, I have used it as a blog that and integrated the feed from the blog to update an otherwise static HTML coded website. I have also made a successful private client login along with integrated a photo selling option into a website as well.

The WordPress CMS platform  is a very powerful CMS as it is very versatile, to be able to host the most simplest of blogs, to the most complex of websites. Alot of K12 school districts such at United Township High School District in East Moline, IL and the DC Everest Area School District main website in Weston, WI both use the WordPress CMS Platform.

Some examples of WordPress websites:

My Email History:

As long as I published my first website online in 2008, I knew the importance of an an email account with you website. In the days before I owned my own domain I used Outlook.com, at that time Windows Live Mail, and Gmail for my websites. Since owning my first domain name I have made sure to create emails that were meaningful to the website, such as a webmaster email account and one associated with general questions. I originally started with what the company I bought the domain from used for their email account, and then in October of 2012, Google just came out with Google Apps and they had a free version and I hopped on it and secured myself a free Google Apps account, and have learned a lot about  Google Apps that way. Later that year, I experimented with Microsoft Outlook hosted email for websites. This later became defunct and went strictly to Microsoft Office 365 for business.

I recently started using the Zoho mail and other applications that Zoho mail offers. These applications are geared for more functionality and more practical use for businesses, with such applications help desk, remote support, online chat, invoicing, accounting just to name a few.

I currently use Google Apps free, legacy version; cPanel email clients, Hordemail, Roundcube, and Squirrelmail; and Zoho mail and applications.

With Google Apps, I have become very knowledgeable with it and with different Google products such as Google Calendar, Google Voice, Google Analytics as well as other applications.