June 25, 2015

Beginner Plan

With our Beginner Plan, you can have a professional website to get your online presence started!

The Beginner Plan offers:

  • WordPress CMS Platform
  •  Unlimited plugin installations
  •  Completely Managed for you
  •  Free Google Analytics Tracking and Reporting
  •  3 Pages
  • One-on-one personalized attention
  • Our lost cost and high quality services

With the beginner plan there are three pricing options:

Paid in Full for 1 year pricing: $225.00

With this option you make one payment, and your website is completely managed for you, for one year. This does not include hosting or domain name costs.

12 month contract pricing: $18.75 per month

This is our most economical, and cost effective pricing option. You pay only $18.75 per month for 12 months! This does not include hosting or domain name costs.

No Contract pricing: $19.43 per month for 11 months with a down payment of $71.25

This is our most flexible plan we offer! You make a down payment of $71.25 for the first month and then every month after that only pay $19.43 for the life of the current website! This does not include hosting or domain name costs.

If you need hosting and a domain name you can get it starting at $115 annually!

If you’re interested in this plan click here to Contact Kurt!